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Daily Punt - August 2018 profit £23,000

Follow the advice of full-time professional gambler Anthony Gibson bets generally given out daily basis, get the exact selections he puts his money on.

Read his current betting strategy below :-

The evening before racing I have a thorough delve through the following day’s race cards to get a feel for the cards and mark off the runners of strong interest that I feel are worthy of support as they look to have an outstanding chance of winning the race they are contesting. I also look out for my notebook horses, these are horses that look to have been unlucky in running last time out that are looking well handicapped and ready to strike at shortly. These possible selections make up my evening longlist.

As a punter you cannot ignore strong looking form these are the horses I will generally be backing, I am not interested in backing against the crowd or looking for angles other punters may have missed or possible longshots, these days to be honest, it is very difficult to find an edge the bookmakers are too sharp to get one over. My strategy is to back plenty of winners ensuring a high strike rate with few losing runs, this strategy has been working well for me the last 40 years and I am certainly not interested in changing this day to day approach now.

There are many layers to uncover as a punter to find the proverbial good thing. A horse that has good strong current form, if not current then the yard must be in good form. The horse must come from a top yard whose trainer is reliable and gets plenty of winners. The horse must be running in a grade of race it can win and from its current rating. The horse must have a good rider booked, again one who knows what it takes to win and is currently in good form and rides plenty of winners in a season. Finally, the horse must be backed to win, there are many sources available to punters to see if the money is down.

Put it all together and we have the makings of a good bet this type of horse makes up my daily shortlist and will almost certainly become a selection. Most bets are win only sometimes surprisingly win and place or each way depending on the betting platform you use, most of the longer priced selections are my notebook horses. My bets are generally known around 11.00am which gives us time to get on at the best prices available before racing starts, the results shown in my data sheet are to betfair SP but these can be beaten by taking best odds guaranteed.

I have been running this service to for a small number of clients since the middle of November 2016 . The average to date has been just 2 bets per day I have not encountered any long losing runs in this period but a recent winning sequence of 11 winners broken by one loser, In this period I have achieved a strike rate of 55% betting mainly to level stakes win bets which means a reasonable size betting bank of around 40 points can be employed. Yes!! some of the are short priced (generally in the 1-2 to 3-1 price bracket but a high strike rate and long winning sequences cannot be found backing long priced winners. The bigger the prices the longer the losing runs you encounter.

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