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Investing Differently

169 points in the first 3 weeks!

This new exciting service started on Tuesday the 5th of September after an impressive trial. In that trial 119 points were staked and 77 points profit made. In its first 10 days live 96 points profit. You can check current profits by clicking the results button above.

This service is operated by Paul Morris who tells you a little about himself here;

“I have been an engineer, an accountant, worked in fund management and studied portfolio theory and charting but have had a passion for horse racing for over 35 years. I now combine all of the previous skills and knowledge with my passion and apply the lessons I have learned from deep analytics and research along with strict rules about certain trainers, jockeys, going etc. to create my book which I line up against the bookies odds and find those golden nuggets of value that make racing pay. I can land on double figure odds winners with such regularity that means I can drive profits forward at pace and provide something completely different to all other mainstream tipsters. Think big, change the way you bet and invest differently, invest the Kipper way

Betting Advice

Recommended bank.....tricky one as I started at £10 a point then moved to £20 and now £50 as my winnings grew rather than bet a proportion of a bank. The standard answer is 100 or 150 points. I have bet like this for many years and have gone through many different angles across the years ie. breeding, time, form etc. which I have refined and thrown in to the mix and 6 months ago created what I do now which is a combination of all my learnings across the last 30 years and has been by far my most successful approach.”

Membership costs £50 a month or £125 for 3 months.
customers say;

"great day pal and so close to bringing the house down ! Well done - its incredible "

"I’m keeping my feet on the ground but i have never seen anything like this - very well done I’m over £2k up ….. My applause and thanks are coming over to you ! "

"i play £30 a point and joined you at proper launch so over £2k up. Ive never come across anything like it

Of course there will be some bad days and losing runs but the way to maximise the upside is awesome. You have a talent

I hope this is a long standing relationship !"

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