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Sportsworld has been looking closely at Paul Morris's Kippers bets since his start in September. By the end of November we had an idea that would let you use this service easier and more profitably. What we found may be of interest you.
Easier Service to Follow and very profitable.

This new Kipper's Single Bets Service derives from Paul Morris's full daily service that has both single bets and multiple bets. Our research first told us that his single bet selections were good and it led us to suggest that Paul Morris (Kipper) ran a second service; a much simpler and cheaper service giving out all the same single bets but none of the multiple bets. We also suggested simplifying the staking so all bets were 1 point level stakes and all bets win only, ignoring any each way advice.

What that created was a very good and more level service with solid profit every month. This new service may better suit some clients. You still get all the excitement of big winners without complications. In the 4 months since the start of Kippers Daily Service there have been 84 single bet winners with 42 of these 10/1 or better. Using these bet for a singles service gives a BOG profit of 188 points.

We have run this service for some ex-kipper members since the start of December and now we will launch it generally. Its cost will be £40 a month but we invite you to try out Paul Morris’s Singles service for a discounted first month at £20 going on to a £40 a month.

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