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At the time of writing Braveheart has averaged 3 bets a week. Our 3×3 bets found winner/s in 37 of the 42 races making nearly 200 points profit.

The results listed are returns from betting £10 a point; the full bet of 9 doubles is £90. Over the past 4 months average profits are £138 a week from three bets of £90 and the 52% Return on Investment is the envy of other tipsters.

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Ken Emery’s software skills help him scour daily racing to find 2 races where he can identify 3 strong contenders in each. Having three chances in each race gives a good chance of a winner in one or both races.

The bet we place is a 3 by 3 crossed double. Braveheart started 18 months ago. It had a breath taking first year making over 800 points, then last December the system for some unknown reason stopped working as well.

It was February before Ken Emery’s answer. Using computer estimates of each proposed bet’s chances of winning he can now pick just the strongest. The number of bets have fallen nearly by half, from 5 a week to just under 3. It was the last week of February that Sportsworld announced the New Braveheart and that it had changed to this new more selective selection method.

How the Bet works

A 3x3 Crossed Double Bet needs 2 suitable races with three strong horses in each. It is in fact 9 doubles, 3 horses in one race cross doubled with 3 in another race. Your local bookie will take the bet scribbled on a betting slip, however, to place the bet using Betfair or an online betting site you may have to split the bet up. Start with the first horse in your first race and bet it in a double with each of the 3 horses running in the second race (3 doubles).

Do the same for the other two horses in the first race (6 more doubles) and you now have placed the 9 doubles.

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