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Richard’s Additional Bets

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We have watched a superb trial from this new and very high strike rate service and we now offer it for sale.

The idea for the Additional Bets service started when Richard, a racing system developer, was left each day with a list of horses outside his current system’s limit and for the sake of a name he just called this daily list his additional bets. He then noticed that these additional bets had a very high strike rate and one system had unexpectedly led to a second and totally different method.

In this recent trial which has lasted just less than one month we have had 64 bets with 38 winning, 60% of all Bets. We did have an earlier trial in April/June where Richard’s Additional Bets had 95 selections with 55 winners, very nearly the same strike rate at 58%.

Overall we have had 159 bets with 93 winners. 58.5% strike rate with an ROI of 21%.

Additional Bets subscription is £40 a month but try a month at half price, £20



DateCourseHorseBSP WinResultProfit - 5%Total ProfitTo £100
15th July 2019AyrWalk In Marrakesh1.741st0.717.351734.7
15th July 2019WolverhamptonMilltown Star3.151st2.0419.391938.95
16th July 2019NottinghamShe Looks Like Fun1.64Unplaced-118.391838.95
17th July 2019LingfieldDark Lady2.261st1.219.591958.65
17th July 2019UttoxeterNordican Blue1.672nd-118.591858.65
17th July 2019UttoxeterGateway to Europe2.562nd-117.591758.65
18th July 2019ChepstowAbove1.882nd-116.591658.65
18th July 2019LeicesterDramatic Device1.981st0.9317.521751.75
18th July 2019Ffos LasBraid Blue1.81st0.7618.281827.75
19th July 2019NottinghamSweet Promise2.622nd-117.281727.75
19th July 2019HaydockMubtasimah1.991st0.9418.221821.8
19th July 2019NewmarketWasaayef2.841st1.7519.971996.6
19th July 2019HamiltonByline1.671st0.6420.62060.25
19th July 2019NewmarketWhispering Beauty2.641st1.5622.162216.05
20th July 2019RiponCalippo1.882nd-121.162116.05
20th July 2019NewburyFox Chairman1.61st0.5721.732173.05
20th July 2019HaydockFred3.41st2.2824.012401.05
20th July 2019DoncasterOne Hart3.14Unplaced-123.012301.05
21st July 2019RedcarThunderous1.541st0.5123.522352.35
21st July 2019StratfordSome Day Soon1.821st0.7824.32430.25
23rd July 2019SouthwellLe Musee1.87Unplaced-123.32330.25
24th July 2019CatterickGold Venture1.52Unplaced-122.32230.25
24th July 2019CatterickOllivander1.751st0.7123.022301.5
24th July 2019LingfieldAces3.5Unplaced-122.022201.5
24th July 2019LeicesterIzvestia3.33Unplaced-121.022101.5
25th July 2019YarmouthMrs Discombe3.271st2.1623.172317.15
25th July 2019NewburyKnight Shield1.531st0.523.682367.5
25th July 2019DoncasterValdermoro2.411st1.3425.012501.45
26th July 2019AscotMagnetic Charm1.943rd-124.012401.45
27th July 2019YorkAbstemious2.481st1.4125.422542.05
27th July 2019LingfieldVoltaic3.512nd-124.422442.05
27th July 2019SalisburyGlobal Hunter1.81st0.7625.182518.05
30th July 2019YarmouthHariboux1.763rd-124.182418.05
30th July 2019GoodwoodPinaturbo2.581st1.525.682568.15
30th July 2019GoodwoodStradivarius1.861st0.8226.52649.85
30th July 2019GoodwoodCobra Eye3.051st1.9528.452844.6
30th July 2019PerthNietzsche2.351st1.2829.732972.85
31st July 2019GoodwoodToo Darn Hot2.121st1.0630.793079.25
31st July 2019PerthSaint or Sinner1.983rd-129.792979.25
31st July 2019SandownRiot1.632nd-128.792879.25
1st August 2019GoodwoodConstantinople3.382nd-127.792779.25
1st August 2019GoodwoodHermosa2.69Unplaced-126.792679.25
2nd August 2019BangorSee The Sea2.761st1.6728.462846.45
2nd August 2019GoodwoodMirage Dancer1.822nd-127.462746.45
2nd August 2019MusselburghAbove2.431st1.3628.822882.3
3rd August 2019LingfieldWren1.782nd-127.822782.3
3rd August 2019HamiltonBedtime Bella2.371st1.329.122912.45
5th August 2019KemptonStreamline1.941st0.8929.022901.75
5th August 2019RiponTwo Birds2.063rd-128.022801.75
5th August 2019WindsorMild Illusion1.841st0.828.822881.55
5th August 2019WindsorWhispering Beauty1.991st0.9429.762975.6
6th August 2019RiponCloudea2.74Unplaced-128.762875.6
6th August 2019NottinghamLast Look1.641st0.6129.362936.4
7th August 2019BathModern British Art2.461st1.3930.753075.1
7th August 2019KemptonIlluminated1.892nd-129.752975.1
8th August 2019HaydockAtheeb2.881st1.7931.543153.7
8th August 2019SandownNative Tribe1.71st0.6732.23220.2
9th August 2019BrightonMalvern1.711st0.6732.883287.65
9th August 2019MusselburghMakyoun1.742nd-131.883187.65
9th August 2019NewmarketNina Ballerina2.11st1.0532.923292.15
10th August 2019ChelmsfordGlobal Storm1.572nd-131.923192.15
10th August 2019RedcarBurning Topic1.94Unplaced-130.923092.15
10th August 2019HaydockMiss O Connor2.171st1.1132.033203.3
10th August 2019HaydockAddeybb2.261st1.233.233323

Additional Bets subscription is £40 a month but try a month at half price, £20.