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Colin Leafe’s Elite Tipping Service

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In late August we ended a very thorough and successful trial of Colin Leafe’s Elite Service. This is based on one of his system that he first used 20 years ago. The trial started January 1st and after pre-proofing for 3 months we ran a live 5 month trial. £15,000 has been made and current form is terrific with £4,850 profit in the last 30 days, see below. (yesterday’s 7/1 winner is missing from results below)




Elite Racing is a system based approach by Colin Leafe.

“The Elite Tipping Service is based on a system I first used over 20 years ago.

The last 2 years around Sep/Oct - in this period, the system has produced a 40/1 winner. It was this that started me recording the system’s bets starting in October 2018. By December 31st 2018 I was sure that system was working so on January 1st I started backing the bets again. I have achieved the results we see here.

When placing your bets would take the early price for many of the winners reduce in price, and if you are able to still get BOG then this is the best of both worlds for on the odd occasion the horse drifts out. Betfair SP runs close to the BOG results. Having checked August, profit to BSP was 2 points less than the BOG results.

 Elite will be up and down as the results show so you must have a bank. I would suggest 50 times your stake, example to £10 bets  x50 = £500 bank

 £10 bets when bank increases to £750 the bets are £15

£15 bets when bank increases to £1000 the bets are £20

£20 bets when bank increases to £1250 the bets are £25

£25 etc

This staking method helps you build up a substantial bank and only risking the original bank, and of course the bank can be what you wish to start with."

DateCourseSelectionAdvisedResultP/L (pts)Total£100 TotalSub total
/ (BOG)
27th July 2019NewmarketRise Hall7th February 2019Win3.5105.0310503350
27th July 2019AscotRedarna5th January 2019Win5110.0311003850
27th July 2019Other Selections3 x LosersLose-3107.0310703550
29th July 2019Newton AbbotAs You Like It9th February 2019Win4.5111.53111531000
29th July 2019Other Selections1 x LoserLose-1110.5311053900
30th July 2019YarmouthRoyal Resident9th January 2019Win9119.53119531800
30th July 2019Other Selections3 x LosersLose-3116.53116531500
31st July 2019LeicesterInexes11th February 2019Win5.5122.03122032050
31st July 2019Other Selections1 x LoserLose-1121.03121031950
1st August 2019Other Selections3 x LosersLose-3118.03118031650
2nd August 2019WolverhamptonDaring Guest15th February 2019Win7.5125.53125532400
2nd August 2019Other Selections4 x LosersLose-4121.53121532000
3rd August 2019NewmarketClarion7th January 2019Win7128.53128532700
3rd August 2019Other Selections1 x LoserLose-1127.53127532600
6th August 2019RiponCaustic Love7th February 2019Win3.5131.03131032950
6th August 2019Other Selections1 x LoserLose-1130.03130032850
7th August 2019Other Selections1 x LoserLose-1129.03129032750
8th August 2019Other Selections1 x LoserLose-1128.03128032650
10th August 2019HaydockBarossa Red6th January 2019Win6134.03134033250
10th August 2019Other Selections4 x LosersLose-4130.03130032850
12th August 2019Other Selections3 x LosersLose-3127.03127032550
14th August 2019Other Selections3 x LosersLose-3124.03124032250
15th August 2019BeverleyLuna Magic5th February 2019Win2.5126.53126532500
15th August 2019ChepstowAscot Day10th January 2019Win10136.53136533500
15th August 2019Other Selections1 x LoserLose-1135.53135533400
16th August 2019WolverhamptonShrewdness11th April 2019Win2.75138.28138283675
16th August 2019Other Selections1 x LoserLose-1137.28137283575
17th August 2019Other Selections4 x LosersLose-4133.28133283175
18th August 2019Other Selections1 x LoserLose-1132.28132283075
19th August 2019WindsorBlack Lotus4th January 2019Win4136.28136283475
19th August 2019WindsorTamooz5th February 2019Win2.5138.78138783725
19th August 2019Other Selections2 x LosersLose-2136.78136783525
20th August 2019BrigtonLady Mascara2nd January 2019Win2138.78138783725
20th August 2019Other Selections1 x LoserLose-1137.78137783625
21st August 2019Other Selections4 x LosersLose-4133.78133783225
22nd August 2019FontwellGateway to Europe3rd January 2019Win3136.78136783525
22nd August 2019Other Selections1 x LoserLose-1135.78135783425
23rd August 2019GoodwoodBlame It On Sally9th April 2019Win2.25138.03138033650
23rd August 2019Other Selections2 x LosersLose-2136.03136033450
24th August 2019NewmarketHan Solo Berger7th January 2019Win7143.03143034150
24th August 2019Other Selections2 x LosersLose-2141.03141033950
25th August 2019BeverleyBrutalab3rd January 2019Win3144.03144034250
25th August 2019Other Selections1 x LoserLose-1143.03143034150


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