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Colin Leafe’s Elite Racing Service started on January 1st 2018 and follows a system called “Elite” that Colin first developed 25 years ago (see details below).

Recently Colin has added the bets from another of his systems to his Elite service called “Tip Top”.

For this reason you will see two sets of results, one for each system. Subscribers get both sets of bets in the same email each morning about 10.30am.




I have had a very fortunate life through my love of the horse, in my younger days I competed at Show jumping and Cross Country representing the Royal Air Force.

Over 35 years ago I met trainer Dai Williams and had the pleasure of helping them move stables three times. In the early 1990s he ended up at Great Shefford near Lambourn along with his 80 plus horses, and every holiday I would go down and stay with them.

During these years I gained a fair bit of knowledge from an array of trainers that I met, and was able to incorporate that knowledge into my other love of developing methods which win and beat the bookmakers.

Over 25 years ago, one system I worked out is the successful ELITE method.  I had 5 successful years using it, then my circumstances changed and along with the other system I was using it lay dormant for 17 years.

More recently, with more time on my hands I had another look at Elite. That was 3 years ago and I was so impressed with its performance I decided to go live and back it myself from January 1st 2019. Sportsworld have proven the results and Elite produced a tad over 190 points profit to level stakes win in 2019.

After this success with ELITE I decided to look at a couple more methods I had developed in the past

TIP TOP is the first of these. We put it on trial on the 1st October 2019 and it now as had 4 winning months out of 4, once again proven by Sportsworld.

I am over the moon that these first two methods have stood the test of time. With all my methods they are the starting point and not every potential selection will be a bet for still use my knowledge and experience to decided which is a bet and which is not.

When you join my services I can guarantee you total honesty and I will be working hard to make your investment pay dividends

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